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leds Code lookup feature will search for valid object members for the current context.
This is realy experimental and is implemented only for
instance variables, function parameters and function variables.
The code lookup, for now, can be invocated only from a function body.
The search for object definition on other modules is done on all project import
directories but only on modules that match the name of the type of the variable.
This has 3 consequences:

  • One module must define only on class or interface or struct
  • The module name and the class/interface/struct name must be the same
    and that is against D suggested code style.
  • using "import dui.All" will make the code lookup miss all the references
    as the module dui.All have no definitions, just imports every module from dui.

The Code Lookup is build upon the Code Browser that means that all the limitations
of the Code Browser will affect the Code Lookup.

To invoque the code lookup press ctrl+space within a function or method body.


main view showing a experimental alpha version of the code lookup

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