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Each project can have multiple build and run targets.
Each target has it's own independent settings.

All these definitions will be used to generate the Makefile.
The generated makefile will include all the targets but will not know the dependencies between the targets
The makefile will be name Makefile. and
will override any existing file with that name< without warning!

This targets user interface is quite poor and unfriendedly
To store a target modification remember to press the "enter" button on the top of the dialog
For the targets changes became effective leds must be restarted
(if you forget to press the "enter" button before pressing OK all the changes will be lost)


  • Target
    • a drop down with all the targets
      click the "plus" button to add a new target
      click the "minus" button to remove a target
      click the "enter" button to accept the changes to a target
  • run params
    • the actual external command to execute to run the target
  • exec - the target is an executable
  • lib - the target is a shared library
  • staticLib - the target is a static lib
  • srcdirs
    • defines - the src directories for this target, other directories will be ignored
  • compiler - the compiler to use (only dmd was tested)
  • imports - all the necessary import source directories
  • linker (not used - gcc will allways be used)
  • link libs - all the libraries required by this project target
  • linker flags
  • dependencies (not used yet)
  • compiler flags:
    • release
    • o
    • unittest
    • c
    • d
    • debug
  • debugLevel
  • debugTags - creates any number of -debug= entries on the compilation command to issue
  • compiler flags:
    • g
    • gt
    • inline expand
    • v
  • versionLevel
  • versiontabs - create any number of -version= entries on the compilation command to issue (almost bug free)

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